Dixell Accessories

Meeting electronic world needs, Dixell offers global and complete solutions, not only about controllers, but which includes a wide series of useful accessories. They make the use of every regulator very simple, fast and safe.

Among the most important: modems, (for systems and programmable controllers), programming keys / tools, serial interface, remote display, connections, printers, adapters, filters, transformers, gaskets, protections and light switches.

Tech Specs

Energy Analysers

Combined with systems are available the energy analysers particularly recommended for the measurement of the main electrical variables


Energy analyser, three-phase, with RS485 output.

Power supply: 90÷260Vac
Dimensions: 107,5x90x63mm
Mounting: DIN Rail and wall mounting

Modems and Cables

Systems and programmable controllers are available with analog/GSM modems and wirings

TC-35 kit

GSM modem kit containing the modem, the power supply unit, the transmitting antenna with the relevant cable and the connection to controlling system

For: XWEB and iPro

XWEB modem

Analogue serial modem, PDA compatible, 56kbps

For: XWEB and iPro

Ethernet patch cable, 3m

For: XWEB and iPro


A series of useful accessories like hot key, keyboard and complete tool are available for controller programming.

Hotkey - Key for a quick and easy Dixell's controllers programming

Dimensions: 0.8x16x46mm

KB1-PRG: 6 keys programming keyboard


CAM/KB11: KB1-PRG keyboard cable, 1m

WIZMATE Prog- tool kit

Programming kit made up of CD and DIN Rail module (PROG-TOOL) with connections for Hot Key and RS485 for Dixell instruments; it allows the user to connect controllers to a PC running Windows 2000/XP OS. The CD-rom includes: WIZMATE software (to program an instrument or a Hot Key). The Kit includes: the CAB/PTK2 wire for DIN module instrument connection, the CAB/PTK485 wire for DIN module RS485 (built-in) instrument connection, the CAB/SW9-9 wire for PC connections.

Serial interfaces

Serial interfaces are available to make the conversion of the TTL output into a RS485 signal in order to realize a connection with controlling and supervising system.


The serial interface converts the TTL output into a RS485 signal in order to connect the controller to the controlling and supervising system.

Dimensions: 1,6x16x46mm.
Multipolar connector included: 0,2m

Remote display

The remote display and its connections let you to read at distance the controller temperature.


Remote display for temperature reading to be used with compatible Dixell's controllers.

Display: n° digits +/- 3 d.p.
Power supply: from the controller

CAB52F: Cable for X-REP, 2m

To use with: XJA, XJP, PRIME CX


A complete series of connectors for an easier and quicker mounting, especially in conditioning field.

CW-15 Kit: Female connectors 12-14 pins with wires 1,5m


A series of transformers are available to adapt the main line of the controllers to a low voltage input.

TF10D: This model with 10VA of power is available in the following versions: 230/24Vac and 110/24Vac - 2 DIN Rail format

TF20D: This model with 20VA of power is available in the following versions: 230/24Vac and 110/24Vac - 2 DIN Rail format

Light Switches

Thanks to a wide range of available colours and different shapes, light switches are important in applications where the appearance role is fundamental.