VALUE Digital Manifold Gauges

Manifold Gauges are used to read the pressure of various liquids and gases in a cooling system, as well as vacuum pressure when you are pressure testing or charging the device. There are a number of different ports on the HVAC gauge set, also known as a manifold, and the main difference in the types of manifolds is the number of ports that you have available to attach accessories to, as well as the pressure that the gauge set can withstand, which is important when working with different refrigerants.

VALUE has two different sets of Gauges; the analogue and sigital types gauges. They cover almost all the CFC and HCFC refrigerants.



  • Built-in 9 refrigerant: R22, R32, R290, R410A, R134a, 1234yf, R404A, R407C ,R507
  • Pressure Display: psi, bar, kPa, MPa, kg/c?
  • Temperature Display: °C °F
  • Vacuum Display: in Hg
  • Sensing Accuracy: 0.75%FS
  • Sensing Resolution: 1psi
  • Refrigerant Temperature: -5~50°C
  • Connection:1/4"SAE
  • Power: 9V DC battery 50 hours’ pressure and temperature mode only (continuous use)

Tech Specs